ABC Staff

Steve Hwang, Executive Director, Board of Directors

Steve is one of the founders of ABC. He is in charge of overseeing daily operations and setting organizational and program strategy. Previously Steve worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs for more than seven years in New York, in commercial real estate and as a trader for a proprietary desk. Steve received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Northwestern University. From Chicago, he currently lives in Beijing.

Zadok Huang, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Zadok has been with ABC for more than 3 years, first as a volunteer and now full-time staff. Zadok helps oversee program and corporate and individual sponsorship development. Prior to ABC, he worked as a research analyst for JL McGregor & Company, a China-focused research firm, also in Beijing and as an analyst at a boutique investment bank in Stamford, CT. Zadok graduated from the University of Arizona with a dual-degree in finance and east asian studies. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently lives in Beijing.

Guihua Luo, Program Manager
Guihua is responsible for assisting domestic adoptive families with all pre and post-placement adoption services. She is in charge of screening inquiring families, coordinating the introduction of an orphan to an adoptive family and arranging orphanage or foster home visits. Guihua also accompanies families to orphanages and assists in the documentation processing between local orphanages and the government bureau. In addition, Guihua manages ABC's Education Program. She leads student recruitment efforts, liaises with orphanage directors, manages teacher and caregiver communication, and assists in the development of caregiver and volunteer training, and career services. Guihua graduated from Central University for Nationalities in Beijing with a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. 

Coco Jin, Program Manager
Coco is in charge of teaching English to DREAM students and organizing the TALENT basketball and photo programs, while overseeing the other programs. Moreover, Coco is critical to the management of TALENT and CONNECT volunteers. She also leads parent training for the parents of migrant children in the TALENT program. She is very passionate about helping children, which is what attracted her to join the ABC team. Prior to working for ABC, Coco worked for around nine years as an English teacher at EF, Disney English, and New Oriental. Coco graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor's degree in English literature. Currently, she is continuing her education at the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to obtain a Master's degree in Inherited Behavior. 

Kate Williams, Program Officer

Kate is responsible for the coordination of the TALENT Dance Program ad organization of the CONNECT events with corporate partners. In addition, she manages social media and website content, analyzes feedback from beneficiaries and plans events for volunteers. Kate joined the ABC as a Program officer following a summer internship. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with an undergraduate degree in Chinese studies and recently completed a Master's degree in International Relations at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo. 

Helen Ma, Foster Home Manager

Helen manages the daily care of the male teenage orphans in ABC's Dream program. She teaches them life skills, nurtures their emotional, mental and physical development, and closely monitors progress towards their goals.  She also leads weekly Youth Life Education classes covering topics such as marriage and family relationships, money management, conflict resolution, character development, identity formation and self-image. Helen previously worked as a mechanical engineer at the Sichuan Institute of Metallurgy, a state-run research institute, for more than 30 years.  In addition, she worked as a psychiatric counselor for more than 7 years. 

Brian Chew, IT             
Brian joined ABC in 2007. He is responsible for managing information technology platforms for ABC. Previously, he was a software developer for Longs Drugs, where he designed and developed applications for order processing and distribution. In his free time, Brian volunteers time to teach underprivileged children. Brian graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives in Beijing.

Silae KimTranslator and Korean content editor
Silae is one of ABC’s volunteers. She is in charge of translating ABC’s website and documents into Korean. Silae holds her master’s degree in Elementary Education. She loves working with children. Currently, Silae teaches at Hwarang Elementary School in Korea.