TALENT: Second Volunteer Training

On 15th of October 2014, the second ABC Volunteer Training day took place at the New Oriental overseas department in Guomao. Thirty eight volunteers gathered in order to improve their teaching skills and share ideas. The evening had two main events: a Mock class and a Group sharing session. Participants were able to learn good teaching practices to apply in ABC classrooms and discuss any challenges they had been facing and come up with solutions together. Photography volunteers shared their best moments of the semester that left all participants reflecting on their own highlights. The second volunteer training ended with a briefing on TALENT Graduation to provide information about the schedule. Afterwards, all participants were thrilled about the graduation, especially after watching the videos from the last spring semester TALENT program. Overall, each participant enjoyed the second volunteer training day. The main focus has been to foster dialogue and interaction among participants about the challenges faced in class.  The ABC staff believed that sharing ideas, successes and challenges and weaknesses is the most effective tool for preparing volunteer for their class.