A Day of Worthwhile Service

A cold and windy day didn't stop 23 employees from the Sinopec Engineering Corporation (SEI) from traveling to the outskirts of Beijing to participate in ABC's CONNECT program on Saturday, November 19th. Sporting matching t-shirts, SEI volunteers spent the entire day working alongside ABC volunteers and DREAM program students to directly impact 54 TALENT program students at one migrant school. This was the second of two CSR projects completed by SEI this year.  The day started with a friendly basketball tournament led by the volunteers. Amidst smiles, cheers and chants with shaking pom-poms, all of the students competed for awards in the following categories: Best Dribbler, Best Shooter, Most Valuable Player, and for 1st and 2nd place team prizes. SEI volunteers worked closely with the students to coach them towards victory in a series of games. The energy and excitement of the students and spectators filled the courts with each pass, dribble and shot made into the basketball hoops.

sei 1-001.jpg

Then, after lunching with students, SEI volunteers worked in teams with students in ABC’s TALENT and DREAM Programs to paint the walls of four large classrooms. Each team was encouraged to use their leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills to paint as efficiently as possible. Bare, white cracked walls were quickly transformed into colorful displays of artistic designs and fresh coats of paint. Together with ABC, SEI created an uplifting and inviting environment for learning, impacting approximately 160 students who study in these classrooms.