Multiple Intelligences Training for Migrant School Teachers

This past Saturday, 22 October, as part of our Teacher Training Program, ABC hosted in collaboration with Multiple Intelligences Institute (MII), the first of a series of training seminars on multiple intelligences theory and its implementation in the classroom. A total of 65 educators from 5 migrant schools in Beijing travelled on average 2-2.5 hours to attend the one-day event, which featured an enlightening and engaging two-hour keynote lecture from Professor Zhilong Shen, credited with introducing multiple intelligences theory in China. 

In his speech, Professor Shen gave a short historical overview of multiple intelligences theory and the 9 intelligences it espouses (naturalist, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinetic, linguistic, intrapersonal, spatial).  Here, he commented on how ABC programs are already incorporating the principles of multiple intelligences and bringing them into the schoolrooms.  Rising to his feet at one point, Professor Shen emphasized the importance of complementing traditional education with arts and/or sports – the need to develop all nine of a student’s potential intelligences in order to help them succeed in life.  Specifically, he cited the example of himself – it was his musical intelligence that helped him get into Peking University, not the logical-mathematical intelligence that traditional education shortsightedly focuses on. 

Below is a detailed list of the speakers, their lecture topics and bios.

Professor Zhilong Shen: “Multiple Intelligences Theory and Opening Students’ Potentials”

Special Consultant at MII, Chemistry professor, Arts educator.  Professor Shen graduated from Peking University in 1967. From 1984-1986, he was a Chinese government-sponsored chemistry scholar sent to Liverpool University. Upon returning, he became Head of the Chemistry Department of the School of Environmental Engineering at Beijing Technology and Business University.  In 1999, he translated and published Howard Gardner's  "Multiple Intelligences”, having a great impact on education reform in China.  Since 1994, he has also given more than 300 lectures, at universities in 24 provinces and abroad in the US, to a combined audience of more than 150 thousand listeners.

Since 2002, Professor Shen has published more than ten books including "Experiences at Harvard", "Music in Life", "Gardner, Talent, Multiple Intelligences”, “Rethinking Multiple Intelligences” and “Changing Perspectives”. 

Londi Carbajal: “Multiple Intelligences Theory and Practice”

Special Consultant at MII, Chief Education Officer at Ivy Group.  Londi grew up in Southern California and began her career there.  She has worked in early childhood education since 1968 and possesses a vast expanse of experience.  She came to Beijing in 2005, joining the cause of early childhood education in China. 

Kaitlin Cheng: “Classroom Management”

Kaitlin worked as an oral English teacher at New Oriental School Shanghai for a year. She later joined Elite Learning, a subsidiary company of New Oriental Group, serving as Director of Studies. Kaitlin received her B.A. in English Literature from Fudan University in Shanghai and M.A. in Marketing Communication from Emerson College in Boston.