A Colorful Collaboration to Build and Beautify

This past Saturday, June 2nd, ABC staff set out with paint buckets, rolling brushes, ladders and sketches in stow to work alongside 22 Goldman Sachs (GS) Community TeamWorks (CTW) participants and 36 migrant children. The participants joined together for a morning of friendly competition through team building and communication exercises. Friendships were made, trust was gained, and excitement quickly filled the air. One of the 5 teams was presented with the “Best All-Around Team” Award and two enthusiastic teams tied for 2nd place.

After eating lunch with the students, GS volunteers split into two teams to paint a migrant school classroom and two teacher offices. Their artistic expression and endurance were put to the test as the volunteers sweated their way through the afternoon. The results were transformative—not only were the walls glistening under the fresh coat of paint and shining from the hues of a colorful palette, but the precision of its application impressed ABC the most. As a result of ABC’s CONNECT program, kindergarten students and teachers from this migrant school can enjoy a more pleasant learning and work environment.