CONNECT: Rain or Shine

Despite the heavy rainfall, 17 Swire Properties Community Ambassadors, 20 students from the Pengying school, and ABC staff members partook in yet another successful CONNECT event on Saturday, July 21.

Volunteers decorated three migrant school classrooms with delightful drawings of children and butterflies that were designed by artist Ana Seco Durán with the assistance of arts volunteer Wu Yuchen. Each participant took to a brush and went around the classroom, adding color and life to the walls. Additionally, 20 bulletin boards were hung on classrooms throughout the school to enhance the learning environment of the migrant students.

In spite of the obstacles caused by the rain, the participants were not deterred. All six groups displayed great teamwork as every individual held a brush to paint a different part of the sketched outlines on the walls. Teams had an opportunity to bond even more as they engaged in origami hat activities as well as an entertaining game of charades. The day culminated in a group picture boasting smiles of pride and merriment at the remembrance of the beautifully decorated classrooms and newly developed friendships.