DREAM Health Education Training

Within a few days of arriving in Beijing, ABC’s twelve 2012-2013 DREAM students and their two foster home managers began their day of bonding and education. Partnering with ABC, the Beijing United Family Hospital generously hosted and provided the DREAM Health Education Training this past Thursday. To create a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, the day began with several rounds of ice breakers and games, giving the students a chance to transition from being just housemates to friends. Soon afterwards, four more trainers educated the students on healthy lifestyle and nutrition, sex education, first aid, and general hygiene.

All of the aforementioned topics help the students build a solid foundation for them to live a healthy and informed lifestyle. As part of ABC’s DREAM program, the Health Education Training is a stepping stone towards shaping a class of independent young adults. But more importantly, these trainings bring the students closer together, allowing them to discover their own sense of family.