DREAM to believe

This past Saturday, 36 ABC friends and staff joined together at the Ivy Bilingual School to warmly welcome the arrival of twelve 2012-2013 DREAM students. For many students, this signified their first trip outside of their hometowns, but this new and exciting environment will be their new homes for the next year. ABC’s DREAM program provides students with a supportive family structure, language instruction, and intensive life and job skills training. By the conclusion of the year-long program, these students will have transitioned from institutionalized care to adulthood. 

For dinner, guests and students enjoyed appetizing steak and chicken burrito bowls from Avocado Tree, followed by beautifully-crafted and scrumptious cupcakes, courtesy of CCSweets. At the end of the event, Steve Hwang, founder of ABC, eloquently stated a few words of encouragement to the incoming class: “I see one thing in common in all of you. You all have potential. We, as the ABC DREAM team, are here to serve you for the next year and help you discover that potential.” With ABC’s guidance, the students will be empowered with the knowledge, support, and tools they need to conquer their fears and realize their dreams.