Perspiring Toward the End

This past Saturday, July 7th, three migrant school classrooms underwent a transformation as a result of the collective effort of 33 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program volunteers, 23 migrant students, and ABC staff. Jointly administered by the American Councils and the Alliance for Global Education, The State Department’s CLS Program partnered with ABC to collaboratively beautify the classrooms. Hailing from various American universities, the volunteers brought with them positive mindsets and proactive work ethics. While some participants prepared the classrooms for painting, others engaged in teambuilding activities with the migrant children, generating a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Displaying laudable teamwork skills, students and volunteers arduously dusted and painted side by side, helping each other accomplish the task. 

A unique challenge to this event was the strict “Chinese language only” policy which allowed the volunteers to hone their speaking and comprehension skills. However, the volunteers embraced this opportunity to practice with the migrant students and ABC staff, resulting in a supportive learning environment. At the end of the event, although the migrant students waved goodbye to their new friends, their memories of the day will be there to stay.