TALENT: First Volunteer Training Day

On 13th September 2014, 130 people from a variety of backgrounds and occupations joined together to begin their training as ABC volunteers. The action-packed training day took place at the Middle school of Beifang Jiaotong University and encompassed several different activities led by ABC staff. Music, Dance, Art and Basketball volunteers from all six schools took part in the activities, engaging in discussions and completing a range of interactive tasks.  Previous volunteers came along to share their personal experiences of volunteering and give advice, allowing new volunteers to discuss any uncertainties. Volunteers were given the opportunity to teach a mock class on the importance of the 4 Cā€™s and were given feedback by their peers. Classroom management techniques were discussed interactively and volunteers were presented with different situations and asked how they would respond. Overall, the day was informative and enjoyable for all and prepared volunteers for their first experience of volunteering at ABC.

volunteer training image 2 smaller.jpg