The Chinese characters 牵手 "qianshou" mean "join hands". 

Our CONNECT program joins hands with individuals, organizations, companies, and universities to promote the spirit of volunteering and spread the joy of giving back to the community.

Discovery Channel volunteers painting schools at a migrant elementary school. 

Individuals and organizations can participate in meaningful volunteer activities with the migrant children we serve through our TALENT program.

Many corporations, universities, and organizations choose to participate in our Community TeamWorks (CTW) events.  These are structured single-day or recurring events where volunteers have the opportunity to interact with and work alongside the migrant students and orphans who participate in ABC's DREAM and TALENT programs.  During these events, volunteers will work with ABC staff members to choose an activity and create a schedule for the day.  Past projects have included science museum field trips, one-day classroom carnivals, beautification projects at migrant schools, and basketball tournaments with migrant children.

If you are interested in working with ABC on these kinds of projects, or if you have any other projects that you would like to propose, please contact us at .