What we look for

Our staff comes from all different backgrounds but share one common passion: to serve underprivileged children. 

Open positions

We currently have a job opening for a Program Officer position. For more information, please see the link below and email your questions and resume to jobs@abridgeforchildren.org. The job description is in English and in Chinese. 


ABC hosts interns in the summer, spring, and fall to help in a variety of capacities. Because we are a small company, we highly value interns, as they are essential to the functioning of ABC. Interns also have the flexibility to choose what they want to work on. The weekdays involve working in an office setting, but during TALENT semesters, there are also Saturday events.                                                                            

Our interns have primarily been undergraduate and graduate students; we have partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Wellesley College, but we have also had interns who found us through public listings!  Our interns have had a diverse range of educational experiences; we have had Biology and Business Majors, Information Science Majors, International Relations master's students, etc. 

The experience I had at ABC opened my eyes to the situation of underprivileged children in China- specifically the migrant school students and orphans. Prior to my internship at ABC, I was not fully aware of how serious the education and economic disparity issues were in China. Through ABC’s TALENT and DREAM programs as well as many projects I took part in, I expanded my knowledge and awareness about these issues. I am now much more interested in the work of providing equal educational opportunity for every child and hope to continue learning about it. Working at ABC has also taught me to understand what it is like to work at a non-profit organization. Teamwork, communication, and leadership are some of the important values I learned through working with other staff, interns, and volunteers. Under a comfortable and amicable working atmosphere, it was easy to get along with other interns and staffs. My memories of the internship at ABC consist of many positive aspects and in general, I believe that the experience has truly taught me many beneficial things.
— Minju Choi, Summer 2012 Intern, University of Pennsylvania
I was able to see the fruits of my weekly efforts during the Saturday events, such as community service, the DREAM graduation, and the DREAM welcome party. Smiling students, children and volunteers made everything feel more worthwhile.
— Susan Xiong, Summer 2013 Intern, Columbia University
The best part of my ABC experience was bonding with the full-time DREAM students, who became my friends as well as my students.
— Unjin Kim, Summer 2013 Intern, University of Pennsylvania
The ABC internship is unique because interns work on projects that really matter to the company. The interns are definitely critical to the company, and interns get a wide variety of tasks to do.
— Emma Hong, Summer 2014 Intern, University of Pennsylvania

Please send your resume to jobs@abridgeforchildren.org to learn more about internship opportunities.