Thank you for your interest in volunteering at ABC. Please take a moment to provide the following information so that we can find the best fit for you in our TALENT program. All information will be kept confidential and used by ABC solely to assess your interest and experience. Please send your CV to with "your name + CV" in the subject line.  

非常感谢你申请ABC项目志愿者,请认真填写下方表格信息,以便我们了解你的兴趣和经验。我们承诺信息将绝对保密,并保证所有信息只用于ABC内部资料。谢谢你的支持!请把你的简历发到 格式为“名字+CV”。

Date of application 申请日期
Date of application 申请日期
Basic information 个人的 信息
Date of Birth 生日
Date of Birth 生日
Emergency Contact 紧急联系方式
Education and Occupation 教育和职业
Native language 您的母语是
Mandarin ability 普通话能力
English ability 英语能力
Volunteer experience 志愿经历
Are you available for the following shift? Saturday morning 9.00-12.00 请确认你的时间是否满足我们的项目时间要求?星期六9点到12点
What areas are you interested in volunteering? 你志愿参加哪一个项目? Please select your first choice 请选择你第一选择
Please select your second choice 请选择第二你想参加的项目
Medical information & Criminal record 健康情况和犯罪记录
Do you have any infectious diseases? 你是否患有任何传染疾病?
Have you been convicted of a crime? 你是否有犯罪记录?
“I have and will provide the information required in this application and that this information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsifying information or omissions maybe cause for my immediate rejection as a volunteer applicant for ABC’s TALENT (才) program.” “我承诺表格的信息真实、准确和完整,并且会在之后的志愿活动提供必要的信息。我理解ABC会因为我在表格的不真实描述和有意忽略而拒绝我的申请。”

Please send your CV to with "your name + CV" in the subject line.  请把你的简历发到 格式为“名字+CV”。